Merge PDFs

Combine two or more PDFs together. Upload the files in the order that you want them to be merged.

  • Maximum number of files: 10
  • Maximum file size: 20MB
  • Valid uploadable file types: .PDF
Step 1: Select and Upload Files (Click or Drag-n-Drop)
Step 2: Are You Alive?
Step 3: Process Files

What Does This App Do?

Combine Portable Document Format (PDF) files into a single PDF file that can be downloaded directly from this site. Upload files from your computer by either clicking on the file box to open the upload dialog window or by dragging files across.

What Are The Limitations?

Up to 10 input files can be uploaded to form the merged PDF and each input file can be up to 10MB in size. It doesn't matter if the uploads are scanned or PDFs that have been exported directly from whichever programme created the content.

What Interpretation Engine Do You Use?

This app uses a CentOS Linux based interpreter and rendering program called Ghostscript to merge the uploaded files into one output file.

Is My Data Safe?

All uploaded files are scanned for viruses and malicious code. Among other security measures, this helps to stop any user uploading anything that could compromise another user's data or files. All data will be automatically deleted when it is no longer required.