Privacy Policy for


This privacy policy document describes what information is collected and how it is used by PDFBlend, Google and their partners.


  • App: A software application provided for use by PDFBlend. At present, these comprise:
    • Merge PDFs
    • Split PDFs
    • Extract PDF Pages
    • Word DOC/DOCX to PDF Converter
    • Excel XLS/XLSX to PDF Converter
    • Powerpoint PPT/PPTX to PDF Converter
    • Publisher PUB to PDF Converter
    • PDF to DOCX Converter
    • PDF to PPTX Converter
    • PDF to PNG Converter
    • PDF to JPG/JPEG Converter
    • Substitute Cover Sheet

File Uploads and Data Protection

By using the apps provided by PDFBlend, a user shall agree that any files uploaded may be used only for that specific app.

PDFBlend shall delete all files uploaded by a user immediately upon execution of the requested app. All subsequent output files and downloads generated by PDFBlend shall be deleted by either: user request or our automated daemon, whichever occurs first.

If a user uploads files but does not proceed with execution of any app, the uploaded files shall be automatically deleted.

SSL and Encryption

All data sent and received between a user and PDFBlend shall be encrypted using the HTTPS protocol.

Log Files

PDFBlend makes use of log files to record traffic information of a non-personal nature in order to analyse trends, administer the site and gather demographic information.

Any unauthorised access to password protected parts of this website or server will result in the IP address being recorded for security auditing purposes.

Personalised Advertising

PDFBlend may use Google Adsense and their partners to publish advertising on this website in order to receive legitimate commercial benefit without financial cost to users. This may be in the form of personalised advertising that uses your data, such as visits to this or other websites, to tailor the advertising to you.

Information on how this data is used by Google and their partners and how it may be controlled can be found on their Advertising Technology site.

A list of the aforementioned Google partners, with links to their privacy policies, can be found on the Ad Technology Providers site.

In accordance with GDPR, a user that has not consented to use of their data for personalised advertising shall only be shown non-personalised advertisements.


PDFBlend uses Google Analytics in order to record anonymised aggregate information for statistical analysis and to aid in improving the quality of this site.

Cookie Policy

Functional cookies shall be used to support the functionality of this site.

  • Google Analytics: Cookies to allow for anonymised site usage analysis.
  • Google Adsense: Cookies to improve advertising and help prevent fraud.
  • PDFBlend: Cookie to record consent response related to personalised advertising.

No cookies shall contain any personally identifiable information.

For more information on how Google Analytics collects and uses your data, please review their privacy policy.

For more information on how Google Adsense uses cookies, please review their product information site.


Upon first visit to PDFBlend, a user shall be presented with a notification of the existence of this privacy policy, a link to it and a request for consent to use personalied advertising.

Either acceptance or rejection of consent for personalised advertising shall be recorded with a cookie. Users may alter this consent at any time by clicking here: reset consent.

Continued use of any part of this website means acceptance of the terms of this privacy policy.