Substitute Cover Sheet

Replace the front page of a multi-page document with a single PDF page. The multi-page document can be a PDF or in MS Word format, which will be converted to PDF.

  • Maximum number of files: 2
  • Maximum file size: 20MB
  • Valid uploadable file types: .DOC, .DOCX, .DOCM, .PDF
Step 1: Select and Upload Files (Click or Drag-n-Drop)
Step 2: Are You Alive?
Step 3: Process Files

What Does This App Do?

Swap the first page of a document with a PDF, outputting the combined document as a new PDF. If the primany document is of a recognised format (see below recognised formats), then that will be converted to PDF.

This program will be typically used where a document has to be appoved in a company: this will allow a scanned front page to replace the front page of a document without having to scan in the whole document.

Use the file box to upload the initial PDF either by dragging a file across the window or clicking to show the upload dialog box.

What Interpretation Engine Do You Use?

This app uses Ghostscript, a CentOS Linux based interpreter and rendering program, to open any PDFs and to merge the output files together into a single PDF.

If the main document is of an a recognised non-PDF format, then Apache OpenOffice, an open-source Office productivity suite, is used to open the uploaded file and to convert to the PDF.

What Are The Limitations?

Two files must be uploaded. One file must be a PDF with only a single page.

The second file can be either a PDF or one of the following recognised formats:

  • DOC - Word 97-2003 Document Format
  • DOCX - XML Based Primary Word Format in use since Word 2007
  • DOCM - Macro enabled DOCX document. Macros will be deleted during conversion to PDF.

Is My Data Safe?

All connections between the browser and the server are encrypted using HTTPS and verified using an SSL certificate. All uploaded files will be scanned for viruses and other malware.

All input files shall be automatically deleted after processing has been completed. All output files will be automatically deleted after 30 minutes though, for peace of mind, users can also manually delete the output files from the server when they're no longer required.